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SlimCentials African Mango+ WellTrim iG Testimonials and Reviews

Rating Very Satisfied
African Mango keeps me feeling full and satisfied between meals. I am not as tempted to ‘graze’ all day long and am making healthier choices when it comes to meals because I am not famished and looking for my next sugar fix.
Reviewed by:  Tom from Calgary, AB. on 11/2/2012


SlimCentials Green Coffee Bean+ Svetol® Testimonials and Reviews

Rating Housewife
After checking with my health care provider that it would not interfere with the meds I take I have found that the Green Coffee bean really did work for me! Being a senior and not as active as I should be I did indeed lose 14lbs. much to my surprise.Have spread the good word to friends.
Reviewed by:  Willa from Kincardine Ont. Canada. on 8/16/2013
Rating Combining Green Coffee and Raspberry Keytones
Cutting carbs from my diet has been a major challenge for me over the years and one of the reasons I think it has been difficult for me to consistently lose weight and keep it off. After taking the Green Coffee Bean I’ve noticed my blood sugar seems to be a lot more stable. I no longer have the up and down ‘sugar crashes’ I used to get from indulging in carbs. I crave them less and best of all the weight is finally starting to melt off! I have also started taking Raspberry Keytones at the same time as the Green Coffee Bean and have had no adverse side effects.
Reviewed by:  Amelia from Quebec City, QC. on 11/2/2012


SlimCentials Raspberry Ketones+ Razberi-K® Testimonials and Reviews

Rating Finally the REAL THING!!
I have tried other Raspberry Keytone products over the past year without success. I even found that the high dosages in another product (which shall remain nameless) irritated my stomach. I was understandably hesitant to try yet another Raspberry Keytone product but very persistent on wanting to lose my excess weight (5-10lbs). I am so happy to share with other women that this product works!! These are the REAL Raspberry Keytones and have already helped me drop the first few of my LAST POUNDS TO LOSE. I can’t wait to see the full results in another month or two 😀
Reviewed by:  Amanda from Victoria, BC. on 11/2/2012
Rating Amazing product!
I have been using Razberry-K for over a month now and have noticed a decrease in the appearance of cellulite in my thighs and bottom. After trying dozens of lotions and potions for the same problem I am extremely happy to finally find something that works!! I will definitely keep this as part of my beauty and fitness regime going into the holiday season!
Reviewed by:  Debbie from Toronto. on 11/2/2012

WeightOFF® Testimonials and Reviews

Rating Lost the last 10!
I had heard about Raspberry Keytones and Green Coffee Bean for weight loss on Dr. Oz and was pleased that WeightOff contains both of those ingredients, plus 7 other weight loss nutrients. Being a skeptical consumer I had my naturopath review the ingredient listing prior to me taking the product. Not only did she approve, but she also said that the Green Coffee Bean would also have the benefit of helping to regulate my blood sugar. I have been taking this product for about 3 months now in addition to working out regularly and have lost about 10 lbs. I was frustrated trying to get rid of ‘the last 10’ until this product helped me to FINALLY achieve my goal. Thank you for SAFE AND EFFECTIVE weight loss support!
Reviewed by:  Karen from Toronto. on 1/9/2013


Rating Go-to Weight Loss Product
I have been taking WeightOff for just over a year now and it has helped me shed over 30 lbs!!! I couldn’t be happier J I am now back to my pre-wedding weight and I haven’t had to make any huge lifestyle changes. I go for regular walks with my husband and take my WeightOff religiously. Pretty simple. Thank you!!!
Reviewed by:  Denise H from Albany, NY. on 1/11/2013