“I heard green coffee bean is a scam?  What’s the deal?” 


The fraud referred to here was  a product from a company named Genesis who performed a fraudulent study which has created a lot of confusion in the marketplace.  NuvoCare has always used SVETOL which is the authentic Green Coffee Bean extract with over 11 unbiased, published clinicals.  It is very unfortunate when a company attempts to deceive the customer using fraudulent research on a product that has no merit in the marketplace.  Rest assured that NuvoCare has always and will always use the exact material – no generics, no knockoffs – used in the studies at the exact clinical dosage.

SVETOL was designed to block certain glucose pathways in the body making it easier to burn bodyfat.  However, this one mechanism will not always work for everyone.  In situations like this we recommend our WeightOff MAX formulation which includes a clinically proven dosage and form of not only Green Coffee Bean but other nutrients that tackle weight loss through several mechanisms.