Is NuvoCare still making DNA Essentials?


With our pulse on the latest research in the natural health industry, we have decided to discontinue DNA-Essentials and replace it with an even more powerful anti-aging nutrient based on mounting research on this fascinating ANTI-AGING compound naturally found in blueberries – the king of superfruits!

Pterostilbene (pronounced “P-TERO-STILBENE”) is backed by numerous clinical research studies and has health benefits that range from heart health, brain health, blood sugar management, and most excitingly, ANTI-AGING. This ground breaking nutrient is 90% more powerful than resveratrol and is the #1 nutrient available for stimulating the longevity gene known as Sirtuin-1. By stimulating Surtuin-1 you can better maintain telomere length and ultimately a healthy youthful body. Maintaining telomere length is the single biggest predictor of a long healthy life! Pterostilbene now makes it even more possible to maintain and perhaps even lengthen telomeres!

PRODUCT DOSAGE: You will take 1 capsule of Blueberry Pterostilbene Nx twice daily which will provide you with the Pterostilbene content found in over 500 cartons of fresh blueberries. You can actually go up to 2 capsules 3 times daily for even more powerful results. NuvoCare CEO, Ryan J. Foley does this every day! Ryan indicates, “In addition to AGEOFF® and Melon SOD, Pterostilbene is a DAILY ESSENTIAL I simply will not be without and is a big reason that I still look in my 20’s even as I approach 40.” The product is also in a natural base of blueberry and bilberry to give you the full spectrum nutrient content of the super fruit.

It is our pleasure and our goal to always give our customers the newest, purest and most effective ingredients to meet their goals. As always, we also ensure that the dosage in our product matches the proven dosage found in the research, so you know that you will reap the full benefits of making this nutrient part of your supplement regimen.