I have an underactive thyroid and take medication for it.  Is there a supplement to help me lose weight while also helping me with my underactive thyroid?

NutraCentials Forskolin Nx is the perfect supplement for you to be taking.  The product is standardized for a compound called Forskolin that is clinically proven to help reactivate healthy thyroid function.  Furthermore, Forskolin Nx has the added benefits of helping you lose pure body fat while maintaining muscle leading to firmer, tighter, slimmer body!  The formula also includes Raspberry Ketones which further strengthen its fat cell shrinking properties!  You can expect to lose over 10 pounds of body fat in just 12 weeks while also nourishing your thyroid so it can begin functioning properly again.

Please note that due to the powerful effect Forskolin Nx has on the thyroid, if you use the product for 12 weeks be sure to get your thyroid levels checked again at 12 weeks.  Your doctor will likely take you off your medication at this point to avoid thyroid levels that are now too high.