NutraCentials Daily Essentials

NutraCentialsDaily Essentials: The Gold Standard in Doctor-Recommended Daily Health Remedies.

NutraCentials Daily Essentials is dedicated to IDENTIFYING and DELIVERING the most effective TV DOCTOR RECOMMENDED NUTRIENTS including Blueberry Pterostilbene, Melon SOD and White Mulberry.  NutraCentials Daily Essentials are daily health supplements that are formulated with the PROVEN MATERIALS and PROVEN DOSAGES of each nutrient to maximize health and wellness benefits. NutraCentials takes the guesswork out of nutritional supplementation by guaranteeing you the GOLD-STANDARD IN DOCTOR RECOMMENDED HEALTH-REMEDIES.


 Nutracentials Daily Essentials Blueberry Pterostilbene Label Pteropure Logo
NutraCentials® Daily Essentials Blueberry Pterostilbene NX has pTeroPure®, which is derived from blueberries and is known as ‘THE ORIGINAL P-TEROSTILBENE’.  Pronounced tero-STILL-bean, this powerful, multi-benefit antioxidant lasts longer in the body and has superior cellular up-take compared to other antioxidants.  Compared to reservatrol, Pterostilbene is 90% better absorbed, has a 7 times longer half-life and has up to 4 times greater cellular uptake. In a published, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 80 human subjects taking pTeroPure had reductions in blood pressure when suffering high blood pressure. In another study, subjects with memory decline who took Pterostilbene had improvements in memory and cognitive function.


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NutraCentials® Daily Essentials Melon SOD NX with Extramel® is known as ‘THE ORIGINAL MELON SOD (SUPEROXIDE DISUMUTASE)’ and is derived from a rare species of melon grown in the southern region France. This proprietary melon extract provides an antioxidant mixture that is clinically proven to increase SOD production in every cell of the body. SOD is the body’s first line of defense against the most damaging free radicals that cause disease, disorder and aging. Melon SOD NX® offers the most powerful free radical protection available! In a published 28 day double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 70 health human subjects taking 10 mg of EXTRAMEL® per day had a significant reduction in perceived stress, and reduced both physical and mental fatigue as compared to placebo.


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NutraCentials® Daily Essentials White Mulberry NX
has Iminosol® Mulberry Leaf Extract which is known as the ‘THE ORIGINAL WHITE MULBERRY LEAF EXTRACT’ and is derived from the leaves of an Asian superfruit called White Mulberry. These leaves contain several natural compounds that significantly decrease carbohydrate absorption from food helping prevent diabetes while also fighting high cholesterol and preventing heart disease. In a published double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, subjects that took IMINOSOL before or with their food had significantly lower blood sugar levels for up to 3 hours after eating. This benefit is critical for anyone trying to lose weight, prevent diabetes, reduce bad cholesterol levels, and prevent heart disease.