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Better Sleep Brands: SleepON® – Relax, Rejuvenate, Revitalize

Proper sleep is key to retaining your youth.

Activate Your Perfect Sleep

NuvoCare SleepOn Sleep Activator
SleepOn® Sleep Activator
is the product of seven research studies where its ingredients were clinically proven to decrease stress and fatigue, improve the look of the skin surface and improve lean body composition.

SleepON Sleep Activator is so revolutionary, it has two U.S. Patents

SleepON Sleep Activator contains breakthrough new technologies protected by 2 US patents: 6,153,198 and 6,713,092. SleepON RE-3 technology is patent-pending domestically and internationally for use as a Stress-Relieving Sleep-Activator designed to reduce stress-hormone Levels (Cortisol), decrease anxiety, stress and associated symptoms, and induce sleep faster helping to decrease insomnia and promote longer sleep duration.*