DNA Essentials

DNA Essentials  is the result of eleven years of scientific research. DNA Essentials contains natural ingredients in precise formulations to provide advanced age-reversal technology that increases the body’s DNA repair process by 15%.  DNA Essentials is an antioxidant and it’s also clinically proven increase sun-damaged skin repair. It increases Collagen III expression in skin and it supports healthy immune system function. DNA Essentials also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Use DNA Essentials every day to combat the free-radical damage that causes accelerated aging and loss of youthful appearance. You will be able to combat the aging process as your body builds up its DNA repair capacity to keep up with daily DNA attacks. When you take DNA Essentials daily, you’ll feel younger, healthier and more energetic.

DNA Essentials age reversal technology is clinically proven to:

  •     Increase DNA repair enzymes at the cellular level
  •     Support healthy immune system function
  •     Act as a NATURAL anti-inflammatory
  •     Increase repair of sun-damaged skin
  •     Increase Collagen III expression in skin

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