AgeOFF Face and Body Nutrition helps you fight aging from within™. With its patented combination of six plant nutrients at clinically proven concentrations, AgeOFF®‘s total body anti-aging supplements make your skin look younger, help you achieve a slim, toned body and reduce your stress and fatigue levels.

AgeOFF Face & Body Nutrition is proven to:

  •     Make your skin look younger.
  •     Help you achieve a slim, toned body.
  •     Reduce your stress and fatigue levels.

AgeOFF®fights aging at three key physiological levels in the body:

  • SKIN: AgeOFF helps you achieve younger looking skin. In a 6 week clinical study on just one AGEOFF nutrient 54% of the subjects showed significant reductions in wrinkle appearance and an increase in skin elasticity and skin-moisture.
  • BODY:  AgeOFF helps you achieve a slim, toned figure. In a 12 week clinical study on another nutrient in AGEOFF, test subjects lost an average of 9.9lbs of fat without muscle loss and increased bone mineral density.
  • STRESS REDUCTION: AgeOFF helps you reduce stress levels, a major cause of aging. In a clinical study on 70 healthy subjects there was a significant reduction in perceived stress levels and an improvement in quality of life in just 28 days!

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