Its not just better digestion that increases when you slow down, there are many benefits that eating slower can do for you.

Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight, eating slower may be the key to your success.  Along with eating healthier foods eating slowly can promote weight loss. The body takes 20 minutes to realize that it is full, when you are eating toquickly your body cannot not send up the signal to your brain to let it know that your stomach is full. This is the main reason why so many people overeat. Slowing down allows you consume less calories. Putting your fork down between bites is a great way to help you slow down during meals.

Better Digestion

When you slow down to eat and chew your food thoroughly you are actually increasing the enzymes in your saliva that help breakdown the food so it gets digested and absorbed more easily. When food is swallowed whole the body uses more energy and has to work harder. Digestion is more difficult and the body doesn’t absorb the important nutrients that it needs.  The more you chew they less work your body has to do to breakdown the food, and nutrients which are absorbed and used up more efficiently. This ultimately leads to better metabolism.

Along with better absorption and metabolism eating slower and chewing your foods thoroughly will lead to much less bloating and stomach gas. Better digestion will also help improve problems with body odor, bad breath and even flatulence.

Enjoying your Food

When you slow down to eat, you will also enjoy your meals, notice the flavours in every bite, something you can’t always appreciate when you are scarfing down your food in 10 mins. Take your time, savour every bite. Taste the flavours and textures and enjoy the experience.   When you actually take the time to slow down and enjoy your food you may find that the junk or processed food you used to enjoy doesn’t really taste that good anymore.

Have a Healthier Relationship with Food

When we slow down, and I mean really slow down, we are more conscious of what we are putting into our bodies, its not just the quick fix of those hunger pains. Practicing mindful eating takes a certain sense of dedication, honouring the food on our plates, really engaging in all of our 5 senses and appreciating every bite. You will find that you often eat less quantity and better quality foods when you practice mindful eating and your relationship with food will change.

We are already so rushed and busy in our everyday lives. Most of us have an ongoing “TO DO” list that just keeps getting longer and longer. Stress is a major cause of so many health conditions. It is time we stop and put self care on the top of those “TO DO” Lists. Finally take a stand to our face paced lives, and take the time to care for our own bodies and reap some of the benefits of eating slower.

Still having trouble slowing down?

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